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Finding Top Talent Requires Organizational Reflection & Recruiting Know-How!

hr best practices hr interviews hr management hr recruiting Aug 30, 2021

Recruiting is the most frustrating part of HR today.  You know how to do it and what needs to be done, but it just seems like there are no people interested in your positions.  Hiring someone who is close enough feels like the best you can do sometimes, even when you know they likely won’t work.  But all that does is create a never ending cycle of recruiting.  The best way to end your recruiting dilemma is hire the right people at the beginning – and then keep them engaged!

Harvard Business Review states that 80 percent of bad employees are due to bad hiring practices. It is essential that you view your recruiting function as you would view a marketing project. Set your business up to be the employer of choice.  Have candidates coming to you with resumes before you even advertise a position.  And when you do advertise, make sure that you understand what you need and where to attract the candidates that will align with your organization.

Before you start to look for your next employee, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why would someone want to work for me?
  2. What are the first impressions of our organization?
  3. Is social media painting the picture we want of our employees?
  4. Do our employees speak highly in the community of working here?
  5. Does our website easily convey the work environment and the type of jobs we have?

Creating positive answers to these questions are the building blocks of a successful recruiting program you can start today. The war for top talent is real, and you need to set your organization up to be the employer of choice in your community.

45 percent of all job seekers today look for new opportunities on mobile technology. You must create and own an employer brand that can be shared with candidates where they are. Dedicate a landing page on your website with images of employees doing meaningful and productive work. Talk about community involvement and the opportunity to grow with the organization on the website career page.

The ideal situation is to have a pool of qualified talent waiting for your next opening. This isn’t as hard to achieve as you might think. Participate in online and community forums where your employee base can be found. Agree to host events at your business, and collect names of those participants that would like to be contacted when openings occur.

An active and rewarding employee referral program is a very effective way of ensuring your employees are keeping their eyes and ears open for the best and brightest as well. Consider what you pay to recruit one team member, and then give a bonus to employees who find great employees in a similar range. I always recommend you spread out the reward to ensure satisfactory performance, and consider giving an additional award to both the employee and new hire if both are employees after a specific period of time. For instance, what if each received $250 at the end of a year – but both had to still be employed? That helps both recruiting and retention.

As the job market continues to be tight, you must actively manage your recruiting funnel.  This is not an activity when you have job openings.  Creating a candidate pool should be part of the ongoing HR function.  You are responsible to ensure that the talent exists in your organization to meet business goals, so failure is not an option.

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