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Holding a certification corresponds to a powerful boost to career momentum. HR professionals holding either certification are more likely to advance to more senior roles.

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Finding ways to set yourself apart from your colleagues can be a constant challenge for most HR professionals. Having your certification, whether PHR, SHRM-CP, SPHR or SHRM-SCP, gives you that upper hand.

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= MORE $

HR professionals who hold certification tend to make more money than their peers who do not. This difference becomes significantly more the more senior the position. 

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Two specially designed courses

Different options with same content to suit your needs!

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A combination of lecture and practice to be sure
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  • 8 Modules of critical HR Content
  • Our exclusive Vocabulary App for iPhone and Android
  • 6 hours of lectures on content
  • Over 100 practice questions with explanations from Lori
  • Ability to comment and ask questions
  • 12 weeks to access the course and be ready for your test!
  • 2 live “office hours” with Lori during the program
  • Option to upgrade to Live Classes anytime
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Darned Multiple Choice Questions!

Have your HR mastered – but worried about the multiple choice questions?  This scaled back program is for you!

  • Over 60 practice questions with explanations from Lori
  • Ability to ask questions in our dedicated course platform
  • Our exclusive Vocabulary App
  • 60 days of access
  • Upgrade at any time
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Lori, your instructions and lectures on all of your training modules is outstanding and remarkable. I love what you have done. You have described everything in such a thorough and organized manner. I also love the the HR cards because it helps me to understand what I’ve been doing all along but didn’t know the correct terminology for it.

—  Hope Sims, SHRM-CP

If you’re an HR professional looking to finally land that promotion, pay increase, or leadership role, then you already know you need to take and pass your HR Certification exam.

But you know that - and that’s why you’re here! You’re here because you want to know the material inside and out. You’re here because you want to feel self-assured that you will pass this exam on the first try. You’re here because you know you need a test-prep guide.

"The vocabulary was key to passing and the rest was strategy. Thank You!!! I am telling the world to take your certification class.

— Teresa Morris SHRM SPC, PHR
Human Resources Generalist II, Herring Bank

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"Lori provided real life HR experiences and explained complex topics easily. Lori’s online class was informative and fun! She has a lot of additional resources, examples, and tips on passing the SHRM or HRCI exams.
I highly recommend her online course!!"

— Virginia Oltmann

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Huge weight lifted off my shoulders, but I know it was in large part due to your prep materials

—  Chuk Chukudebelu

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Here's What You'll Learn

Over the last 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people, just like you, prepare for and pass their HR Certification. I’ve taken all there is to know and created an entire test prep course to help you feel confident in your knowledge base and master the test itself. 

You’ll learn the key court cases you do and don’t have to know, compliance areas of focus, topics often left to HR specialists and even how to tackle the multiple-choice questions.


What You Might Not Know

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who feels confident in the material that will be on the HRCI and SHRM certification exams (hooray!) … taking the multiple-choice HR certification exams may still have you wondering, “Can I really do it?”
The answer is YES!

The multiple-choice questions are the issue.  With our program you get to practice, and then hear first-hand why the right answer is correct and how to find it when you have no idea about the content!

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HR Cards!  The App Designed to Help You Prepare for HR Certification

Vocab is Key! 

In just 5 minutes a day, HR Cards will help you master over 1200 HR specific terms, in 9 different categories, that you need to know for the HRCI or SHRM certifications.

The HR Cards app features:

👉🏻 1200 HR study cards

👉🏻 9 color-coded categories

👉🏻 Guess the word or definition

👉🏻 Shuffle the deck and restart anytime

👉🏻 See words until you get them right

👉🏻 Track your progress

Included with your course for
6 months

Want to try the app for Free? 

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"Lori's class helped me a great deal!" — April Morrisett

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A lot of people underestimate how tough the tests can be. In fact, the odds of passing the HRCI SHRM-SCP on the first try are an alarming 50%. And the SHRM exams aren’t any easier!  

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"Lori helped me to pass my first SHRM-CP test! It was the perfect mix of live question and answer, plus technical information from the text book. The test prep class was instrumental in understanding not only the content to prepare, but also learning the way the test is administered.

Lori’s approach is pragmatic and direct. It’s a terrific approach to learning the material.”

— Michael, SHRM-SCP

"Your course was super helpful in understanding how the questions would be structured and I will recommend your course to my colleagues - thanks again!"

— Kathleen Johnsen

Course Breakdown

Multiple Choice Questions

MODULE 1: Recruiting

MODULE 2: Compensation & Benefits

MODULE 3: Business Strategy

MODULE 4: Training & Development

MODULE 5: Labor & Employee Relations 

Self Paced - Get it done Now!

Everything under Multiple Choice Questions Course with 2 additional modules:

MODULE 1: Risk Management

MODULE 2: Legal Concepts

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You know that it's time for you to get your HR certification. Stop putting off your future. You can do this and I'm here to guide you through it every step of the way!

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