HR 101

Streamline complex and critical HR components while gaining greater career mastery and workplace confidence. Certification preparation (aPHR, SHRM-CP and PHR) included.

Increase your Human Resource knowledge and capabilities in a 12 week period with our live, virtual classes and e-learning resources. Taught by industry expert Lori Kleiman SPHR, SHRM-SCP.

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"Everything you need to excel in HR roles this year" 

 A guided course for beginning and intermediate HR professionals


If you've been managing the responsibilities of an entire HR Department all by yourself, or are feeling the need for more clarity, training and HR-specific resources —you're in the right place! The last four weeks will help you prepare for HR Certification if that's your goal.

Live classes
 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time

HR Procedure Management
Learn how to Manage Complex Procedures

Stop doing it the hard way. Have an expert educate you on best practices, policies and procedures (that are up to date!)

HR Workplace Efficiency and Planning
Improve Workplace Efficiency and Planning

Become the office hero by learning how to streamline the never-ending processes involved in hiring, training, compensation, etc.

HR Certification

After completing HR-101, over 90% of our graduates went on to pass their aPHR, PHR and SHRM-CP exams —on their first try! 




Streamline and simplify
with expert-led training and resources.

Get access to up-to-date policies and procedures as they apply to your workplace and career path. If you're managing complex HR tasks without recent, or specialized training you may be overcomplicating things (or using out of date practices). From compliance to recruiting, compensation and I9's: HR 101 has you covered! 



Step-by-Step Workplace Projects

Get help updating core policies, practices and procedures alongside an industry expert and seamless e-learning system.

Live & Recorded Trainings 

Increase confidence with our bi-weekly live lectures, 20+ hours of pre-recorded lectures and weekly assignments (~2hrs/week). 

Valuable Templates
and Resources

Stop doing things the hard way. Access to our expert-level templates and resources for up to 8 weeks after our training ends.

Increase your HR Capabilities

Set yourself up for professional and personal success in any workplace.

Expert &
Peer Networking 

Learn from others in similar situations, in addition to our expert-led classes.

Certification &
Exam Prep Options

When you're ready, use our study tools and extra live trainings to get HR certified!


  • Streamline and simplify: Improve core workplace policies, practices and resources alongside an industry expert, in 8 weeks.
  • Get your policies up to date: Help prevent costly mistakes by receiving proper guidance on when (and how) to update. 
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Gain exclusive access to industry vendors,  technology and expert-level systems to simplify staying up to date.
  • Boost productivity: Increase your HR skills, awareness and capabilities so you can manage and delegate more effectively.
  • Get HR Certified! Increase longterm employability and workplace value by taking your HR Certification exam after the full 12 week course (you'll be preparing for your aPHR, PHR and SHRM-CP for 4 weeks after completing HR 101 content). 

TIP: Have your employer cover the cost!

HR trainings and resources are an investment for your entire workplace, which is why we made it easy to request funding and budget allotment with this template:


Lori Kleiman is a leading industry expert with over 35 years experience as an educator, facilitator, author and speaker "on all things HR".

Lori has committed her career to overcoming workplace obstacles and has helped thousands of professionals become HR certified with the help of her signature programs. Her engaging, 'real-world' teaching style and constantly expanding e-learning resources make it easy for anyone to "learn, advance and excel in HR".

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HR 101 focuses on providing beginner and intermediate level professionals (with less than 5 years generalist experience) with everything they need to better manage the most critical HR components in their workplace. Once you're finished, you'll have the option to stay and study towards your HR Certification using our e-learning resources and addition live sessions included in the course! 

BONUS #1: Get your HR function up to date in 8 weeks!

"The ultimate workplace advantage"

HR 101 sets professionals of every level up with the knowledge and tools they need to excel as an HR representative in the workplace.

Our workplace specific projects and expert-led trainings help get you qualified to better handle core HR components, in under just 3 months. We guide you through the practical and theoretical components involved in: 

Compliance Processes

Get step by step instructions on how to audit I-9's and review critical policies, like anti-harassement.

Hiring & Onboarding 

Learn how to setup interviews, "new hire" documents and create a 90 day onboarding plan

Recruiting & Compensation

Determine best practices for training your team, performance management and more!

HR 101 Modules Include

an introductory and intermediate-level overview of:

 HR Compliance

The laws feel like they are changing by the minute!  We give you the basics of what to keep up with and where to find every changing information. 


 HR Recruiting

Every leader feels like finding top talent is the #1 issue for their business.  We give tips and tricks to simplify the process and ensure you can find the next great team member and get back to the rest of your job.


HR Onboarding

The best way to retain that new hire is with a well planned onboarding process.  Through our proprietary 6 step system you'll be able to replicate an onboarding plan that is effective and gets people integrated quickly. 


HR Employee Engagement

Keeping your key employees is essential, but takes work.  In HR 101 we look at ideas that employees love and are easy to implement for you!


HR Compensation & Benefits

Paying employees properly is a combination of compliance, market demands and internal equity.  It's not as complicated as that sounds!  We'll unpack it for you and be sure you are doing the right thing. 



Study to get certified!

90% of our graduates go on to pass their aPHR, PHR or SHRM-SCP exams on the first try.

Study Guides

Throughout HR 101 you'll be given options to dig deeper into specialized lectures, and resources to help you prepare for your HR Certifications. Use our Apps and resources for greater success! 

Practice Exams

Familiarize yourself with the kinds of questions that might be on the exam and give yourself benchmarks to study around by gaining access to ExamEdge® practice exams. Note: not actual exam questions.   

Ongoing Access

Access our content for up to (12) weeks after our live classes finish, to help you study and retain as much information as possible before taking your aPHR, PHR or SHRM-SCP exams (additional exam fees apply).  

KEY BENEFITS you can look forward to

Inside our HR 101 Learning Platform 


#1) Daytime Classes

Our live lectures are bi-weekly, over lunchtime, making it easy to attend and stay up to date with projects and lectures. All classes are recorded, so if you miss a session you don't miss the content! 

#2) Mobile App Access

Easily follow along with course materials and lectures right from your fingertips. Access our library of content, templates and study materials while on the go: making it easier than ever to learn and retain.

#3) "HR Made Easy" Textbook

Our 2024 HR Toolkit filled with content and resources written by your instructor, Lori. Autographed book and in an electronic format (MS Word) so you can easily customize it to the needs of your organization!

#4) Practice Exams

Find out how ready you are to pass an HR Certification exam by using our benchmark analysis. After studying key areas, use your access to a simulated practice exam to get ready for real thing!

#5) Success Kit

As soon as you register you'll have our at-home success kit mailed to you. That means our text for the class, reference notes (and even a little surprise) to help you study and stay on track with your HR learnings.

#6) Ask an Expert!

Lori will be by your side supporting you through the entire process! Reach out during Live sessions to get feedback and support with lectures, assignments and workplace specific topics.

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 Certification Study Tools

Included with every HR 101 registration, so certification is always an option!

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Flexible Payment Options

Monthly and pay-in-full options, making HR 101 accessible to everyone!

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Don't miss this chance to increase your value as an HR professional! 

HR Capabilities

Set yourself up for professional and personal success in any workplace.

Network with
Peers & Experts

Get industry-specific resources and learn alongside fellow HR professionals.

Certification & Exam Prep Options

Get fully HR Certified using our study tools and extra live trainings.


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