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Lori’s story: From HR Certified to Million Dollar Business

Oct 02, 2023

It was 1998. I had a wonderful husband, three young kids and was ‘Director of HR’ at a local Photo Lab. But things were not okay…

I hadn’t noticed it at first, but one day after being turned down an opportunity to upgrade my equipment “because HR didn’t need their own computer” (🙄🙄🙄) I realized that I had been living with a constant knot in my stomach because of how STUCK I felt at work.

It wasn’t just the toxic management team, or the dishonest boss who didn’t seem to take me seriously. It was lack of opportunity COMBINED WITH feelings of inadequacy. How could I get ahead if I didn’t have the resources to??

That night I went home to my husband and for what felt like the millionth time, we talked about the idea of me going out on my own and offering ‘HR Consulting services’ to local businesses in the area who needed extra support managing their staff.

He was supportive, but all I could hear was my inner voice saying:
“you’re not good enough, you’re not qualified enough, you’re not smart enough”

And maybe the voice was right… I had been out of school for over 8 years, and despite having recently read about something called the “SHRM Exam” (some kind of HR Certification that helped other professionals like me get ahead and earn more money) —I felt like there was no way I could ever study and pass a 300 multiple choice exam all on my own.


One day, a postcard for a SHRM Exam Preparatory Course crossed my desk. The pamphlet said they would help me study, practice and pass the exam. This was everything I needed!! ✨✨ 

I took the plunge and ordered the program.  I studied night and day alongside my kids. As they did their schoolwork, I read my books and practiced the sample questions. I paid my money and signed up for the test.  Within 3 months, I PASSED!  I was SPHR certified!

I started doing HR temp work while figuring out how to get clients. I would tell anyone who would listen how I had recently become certified, had lots of experience and was ready to help. Once I got my first clients, word spread and the others quickly followed.

 Within 7 years I had built a million dollar business, and can honestly say that that postcard changed my life. Which is why I’ve made it such a mission to help open those same doors for other HR Professionals like you…

If you’re thinking about getting certified so you can earn more money and open up more opportunities for yourself, don’t take the hard way. Come join us for one of our upcoming HR Exam Prep courses and find out what it’s like to live on this side of your dreams too!!



Lori “it’s never too late” Kleiman 
CEO & Founder of HR Topics


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