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HR Certification: Why It’s the Right Path for Advancing Your Human Resources Career

hr best practices hr certification hr department hr essentials hr for small business hr interviews hr management Feb 01, 2021

We talk about HR Certification quite a bit here on HR Topics. Why? Because, as we discussed in how to prepare yourself for the future of HR, HR certification is one of the few ways in which you can establish yourself as a credible activist within your organization. It’s also one of the best paths for advancing your Human Resources career. Let’s look at why!

Why HR Certification is the Right Path for Advancing Your Human Resources Career

Finding the answer to the question of whether HR Certification is worth the expense and time is pretty simple. Check out the below infographic from PayScale and see just how much having your certification boosts your career advancement, ability to move into management and your paycheck!

As with most careers, having a certification has a definite value. Not only does it further your knowledge and expertise, but it also shows employers that you are committed to your career path and willing to invest to succeed.

The Path to Getting Your HR Certification

Once you’ve decided that getting your HR Certification is the path you want to take, you need to think about which certifications are right for you. There are two major players for human resources certification: The Society for Human Resources (SHRM) and HR Certification Institute (HRCI).  They are both excellent, and well respected in the marketplace.   They both offer options for entry level and seasoned HR professionals.  The exact exam that is right for you will depend on your specific circumstances. You can study on your own, but most people find success by participating in a test preparation program in advance.

Before you decide on any Test Prep program, however, you should consider a few things including:

  • Is the presenter someone you connect with?
  • Will the program fit into your budget?
  • Are supplemental materials included?
  • Are there other professionals you can talk to who have taken the course?
  • Do they offer options if you’re unable to complete the course?
  • What happens after you get your certification?

For more insight into what you need to consider, check out this post on six questions you should ask when considering HR Certification. Ideally, you’ll want to look for a program that isn’t just going to teach you the material and then go away. You’re in this profession for the long haul, so you want vendors that will support you throughout your career path as well.

If building a long-term career in Human Resources is something you desire, then get on the path to getting your HR Certification today. As I’ve seen with the majority of the individuals who have come through our program and became certified, it was absolutely the right choice!

Thanks for reading!

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