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Why HR Certification matters to the business

hr best practices hr certification hr compliance hr essentials hr leadership hr management Aug 11, 2021

Getting your HR Certification is not for the faint of heart.  According to SHRM, it takes approximately 120 hours of studying to successfully master the exams.  While that may be high, it definitely takes a significant investment in both time and energy.  So why do it?  Because employers want it – and we know that certified individuals have higher base salaries and opportunities than their non-certified counterpart.

Why do so many job postings ask for certifications?  Here are some of the reasons……

  1. Being HR certified shows that you know the language Most businesspeople hire HR professionals, so they don’t have to worry about it. 
  2. Compliance is a HUGE part of human resources in every business. Certification gives leadership confidence that they can turn it over to you without worry.
  3. Certification says that you are committed to the field and motivated to get ahead. Executives know that it’s not easy – but if they want an employee that is a hard worker, committed to a goal and willing to put in the effort to get there – what better way to show that then by starting with certified professionals?
  4. Leadership teams are filled with certified individuals. Think about the CPAs, PMPs, MBAs and lots of others.  They expect their HR professional to have achieved the same success as their peers.
  5. HR is a process driven function with a large number of repeatable activities. Certification shows that you have mastered the basics and have some appreciation for best practices in Human Resources.

At the end of the day, the SHRM and HRCI credentials are a huge value-add. This business reality trumps any arguments to be made against the need for HR certification. Many major players in today's economy are demanding it from their employees and business partners, so organizations and employees cannot afford to buck the trend if they wish to stay competitive.

Is now the time for you to give it a try?

Thanks for reading!

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