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Is employee happiness really my problem?

hr best practices hr department hr interviews hr management hr recruiting team management May 08, 2023

A study shows that employees are 12% more productive when they are happy…so the simple answer is Yes! The study out of the University of Warwick shows that when employees are happy our profits increase. This also helps to explain why companies like Google and Zappos have invested in employee support and satisfaction. Google, for example, has seen a tremendous impact – as much as 37% added productivity. This is added work employees can complete without sacrificing quality. For some organizations, it’s as simple as changing the old-fashioned break room into an area with couches, televisions and a place to just relax together during the day. Think of the communication that might occur over a ping pong table by a team trying to solve a complex issue.

There is supporting data which highlights the impact on business when employees are unhappy. Higher levels of engagement and productivity are just two of the benefits of having a satisfied workforce. Not surprisingly, many of the themes that led to employee satisfaction included doing meaningful work, a sense of empowerment, being part of something larger, and appreciation from the bosses.  We all work to consider employee engagement, and happiness is a key indicator of engaged employees.

Think about this cost to the bottom line next time your employees ask for you to sponsor a company softball team, or have an idea for a dinner out that may cost a few hundred dollars. If you are spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on recruiting, can that be saved by a few changes in your environment to move employees from sad to happy? Consider a "happiness framework" in your office – one that will create a culture of happiness throughout the organization, and also address employee concerns at the same time.

Turn happiness around and consider engagement and satisfaction.  Your team doesn’t need to be giddy about coming to work, but they do need to walk through your door energized and ready to accomplish the tasks at hand.  Recruiting is a key factor in any businesses today.  Wouldn’t it be easier if you kept the employees that you have and are doing a good job happy?

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