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Planning for your career to SOAR in 2023

hr best practices hr certification hr essentials hr leadership Mar 13, 2023

Mid-level professionals today are constantly asking me to speak about how they can take their career to the next level. The biggest questions seem to be centered around gaining visibility with leaders and standing out from the crowd. So, let me take some time share some of my favorite tips that I think made a difference as I moved forward in my entrepreneurial and corporate career!

Tip #1 – Think like a Leader

Get out of your own world. You need to understand what your leaders are thinking about and become aligned with the organization’s overall goals and challenges. We each have functional expertise that our careers are based on, but if we want to move up and out, we need to focus on where the business is. A part of that is understanding where the organization is in its lifecycle—start up, rapid growth phase, maturity, decline, or death/rebirth. You also need to know how your organization defines success—is it return on investment? Greater market share? Being an industry leader? Developing new products? Where is your organization – and how do the HR initiatives you have planned support that.

Tip #2 – Know what drives business success

Key drivers and metrics in many businesses have changed. Businesses are less focused on profits alone. Today, some have full departments focused on corporate social, most businesses provide learning opportunities for employees that allow for informal interaction and exchange of ideas. You can take your career to the next level understanding the definition of success in your business and focusing your goals on what leaders embrace. Ensure that your learning opportunities for yourself and your employees are focused on experiential events that will develop the whole person, not just provide education.

Tip #3 – Be a Subject Matter Expert

Everyone in your organization should know that if there is a question about people….they call you first.  Make sure that everyone knows that you are a HR professional with training and expertise.  You aren’t just the person down the halls that gets benefit cards and processes payroll.  One of the best ways to do this quickly is through HR Certification.  And if you are certified, shout it loud and proud!  Post your certificate in your work space, be sure it’s in your signature and on your business cards.

Tip #4 – Be a business person first

You may be a strong HR professional, but if you sit at the leadership table it’s about cross functional business success.  You need to participate in all business conversations, not only those that impact people.   If business concepts are still a bit of a mystery to you, figure out what you need to know and create a training plan for yourself. You may be able to attain the knowledge you need by selecting the right mentor within your organization, joining a peer-to-peer advisory group, or finding an educational program that works with your schedule. Executive MBA programs offered as cohort group with a combination of on-line and in person events are receiving rave reviews by participants!

However you choose to get involved, be sure it’s based in the foundation of what drives your business forward, and your career is sure to follow!


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