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Six questions to ask when considering HR Certification

hr best practices hr certification hr essentials Oct 03, 2022

Why do I believe HR Certification is essential for your HR career?  If you want to get ahead, make more money and be considered an HR professional of the future…’ve got to get this done. When it comes to HR certification, there are a lot of options out there and they come in a variety of formats. Which study partner and which test is right for you is a major consideration as you begin the journey.

Here are some important questions to think about when considering professional HR certification training programs:

Is the presenter someone you connect with?

We’ve all been in those programs where the presenter just isn’t a fit with our learning style. They may be great for one person, just not you. Be sure you’ve seen the person in action, even if it’s just a small sample that demonstrates how they interact with others or communicates their lessons.

Will the program fit into your budget?

Research the costs and compare programs for value. Keep in mind that examination costs generally are not included in the cost of the course, so you’ll need to add that expense as well. Understand clearly what other expenses (books and materials for example) may be required.

Are supplemental materials included?

Most classes will have a book or exam preparation materials, but that often is not everything you need in order to fully comprehend the subject matter. Consider the following:

  • Is there access to the instructor?
  • Are additional tools like study guides and supplemental materials available - and if so at what cost?
  • Is there any other type of guidance offered during the course?
  • You should then choose preparation materials that best fit your style of learning and ensure you make the most of this opportunity.

Are there other professionals you can talk to who have taken the course?

Don’t just rely on testimonials on the website.  Ask to speak with past participants.   Look around on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to see what people say about the program and the content.

Does the vendor offer options if you’re unable to complete the course?

Life happens. Often, you have the best of intentions to take an exam and then your job changes or something comes up in your personal life. Are you allowed to move into another course in the future? And what if you take the exam and don’t pass the first time? Will you have other options to be able to review or participate in future programs?

What happens after you get your certification?

Also, think about what happens upon completing your HR certification. Does the provider have ongoing education and programming to help you meet recertification requirements? Will they be available to support and help you grow in your career?

Ideally, look for a program that isn’t just going to teach you the material and then just go away. You’re in this profession for the long haul, so you want vendors that will support you as well.

Considering an HR Certification Prep Program?

Choosing an HR certification prep program is a major decision and commitment of time and money. The quality and reputation of the provider you select will play an important role in the future of your career. It’s worth taking time now to ensure that you are in the right place and are successful in your certification efforts.

Consider all the possibilities – and most importantly – just get this done!

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