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The ceiling that just won’t crack

hr best practices hr certification hr compliance hr department hr for small business May 22, 2023

In a and DDI survey, participants were asked to comment on both the current presence of women in leadership as well as the programs their organizations offered for high-potential team members. I was part of the team asked to analyze the data and comment on what was happening in the real world. The data came from HR professionals throughout the world, and the consensus was clear - there are still significant lack of women in leadership positions.

This is supported by an article in Forbes stating that corporations understand the importance of diversity and inclusion. Unfortunately, the survey indicated there is a great deal of talk at the top - but little action. HR continues to be responsible for diversity in the advancement of employees, but with all they have on their plate, is that really a realistic expectation.

The report provided a number of key findings:

  • HR professionals report that few CEOs make gender diversity a priority or mandate.
  • There’s no major crack in today’s glass ceiling.
  • Smaller organizations tend to have larger portions of women leaders.
  • Few organizations accelerate the development of women.
  • HR is primarily responsible for these initiatives but typically lacks influence in holding executives accountable.
  • Corporate culture prescribes behavior.
  • The perceived importance of making gender diversity a priority differs by industry.

But it’s not all bad news. A study by Equilar shows that in 2016 women held 21.6 % of board positions. According to a CNBC study – that is up to 29% in 2021. Women are certainly advancing, and there is an active movement to ensure boards are more diverse in general. And why does this matter? Because diversity at all levels is proven to make better decisions and allow for multiple viewpoints to be considered.

It is clear from the research that women must be the ones to take control of their own future. Don’t wait to be invited to the table, stand up and be noticed! Chart your career path, and take actions which will give you the influence and reach you need to move into leadership! I recently spoke on this exact topic with our Membership Community and am excited to share at SHRM Annual conference in June 2022.

Taking the next step doesn’t have to be about cracking the glass ceiling – or sitting on a board. Evaluate what is important to you, chart a path and go for it! NOW!


Thanks for reading!

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